3 Points You Should Negotiate When You Are Losing Your Job

3 Points You Should Negotiate When You Are Losing Your Job


You help a business that is undergoing a great deal of turmoil and changes. Word is walking around about lay-offs and you worry you'll be next. If you've been an excellent worker and the lay-off isn't because of anything you've done, be certain you ask these 3 questions as you're being handed your Pink Slide:

1. Ask for a Letter of Recommendation. 

You can use this to assist you land that new job because it will be beneficial to have a letter that praises your achievements and you. This will show future companies that the discontinuation was a company choice and not because of any wrong-doing on your component. Most individuals forget to inquire about this, and it's challenging to attempt to return later on and request one.

2. Ask about severance pay. 

You're not immediately ensured this unless it was stipulated in your work contract when you were employed.. Typically, one week of severance is provided for each year of solution to the company, but this can be flexible. And, particularly if you've recently finished an important project, been recognized or accomplished a significant objective, be certain to advise them. It may buy you another week of severance pay they just weren't intending on giving.

3. Are you qualified to extra holiday pay?

 In most situations, the answer is no. Some companies permit you to roll over your extra time from one year to the next, while others have a use it or shed it plan. Most companies will discuss their rules in the worker manual, but asking to be spent for your extra holiday pay simply may make you a couple of extra bucks you could use today.

You might not obtain any severance or holiday pay, and you particularly will not if you do not request it. Remember, this is an extremely challenging circumstance for your manager, too, so he or she may be ready to give you greater than had been planned on. 

You will never ever know unless you try, and the most awful they can do is say no. If the minute passes, chances are you will not have another opportunity to ask these questions again. 

Knowing in advance of time what to request may give you the self-confidence to speak out on your own at this challenging time. Best of luck!

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